Oldest Bible Manuscript

The silver scrolls are oldest biblical manuscripts. Yes, they were made of silver on which were inscribed the Aaronic blessing. For more such Archaelogical evidences for the Christian faith click https://amzn.to/2ZFiZCQ The Popular Handbook of Biblical Archaeology


Archaeological Evidence for Solomon’s Temple

There two two archaeological artifacts which point to the existence of Solomon's temple. A ninth- to seventh-century BC receipt containing a Hebrew inscription describing three shekels of silver that were donated to Solomon's Temple-literally the House (or Temple) of Yahweh" (Beyt Yhwh). The artifact has been confirmed for authenticity by independent sources, who have examined [...]

Exposing Hume’s Sophistry

David Hume, the Scottish philosopher and empericist, came up with a scathing attack on the 'Christian faith' which brought him name and fame for centuries. As of now his views which are a few centuries old have been thoroughly debunked by Christian philosophers and his errors have been exposed repeatedly. Here is one of those [...]

TAMIL apologetics resources – videos

Here are a few videos in Tamil language dealing with the historical evidences for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. https://youtu.be/xqrAVX0mww0 https://youtu.be/DXVDCquyzKQ https://youtu.be/DB1pMLnMDXA https://youtu.be/flJ3f3NoUOQ https://youtu.be/5OH9KswUVr8 https://youtu.be/5acCktpwQPI https://youtu.be/ack9lIYMrEE https://youtu.be/8mJjvMEa4qI https://youtu.be/i7vWHvCnvec

A case for the early authorship of the Gospels

The city of Jerusalem was destroyed beyond recognition by the Roman legions under Titus and along with it was destroyed the second Jewish temple which was constructed under Zerubabbel and those with him who returned from the exile. “Jerusalem, once heavily rebuilt by Herod, was still in ruins following the decisive siege of the city, [...]

Deconstructing Hinduism – 2

In the previous blog in this series we saw some awful objections raised by Hindus against Christianity. Many of them, especially those educated in secular education system, do not know either Hinduism or Christianity fully and rightly. They know certain parts of their faith system and but they do not understand the original language Sanskrit [...]

The oldest archaeological evidence for the bible ?

Genesis 10:10 10 And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, andAccad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. The city of "Erek". SPURLOCK MUESUM CYLINDRICAL SEAL - CONFIRMS THE BIBLE CITY OF EREK - 3500 YEARS BCE - 5500 years in the past from now. “So, how old are cylinder seals? Well, the [...]